Monday, April 5, 2010

Lotspeich Connection

I discovered an interesting fact yesterday as I was researching my Uncle's family tree for him.  I found out that his ggg-grandmother's name was Sarah Lotspeich.  I immediately recognized the name Lotspeich from my husband's family tree. It's such an unusual name that it struck me at once to go to his tree and look it up. It turns out that my husband's ggggg-grandmother's name is Elizabeth Lotspeich, whose father's name was John Christopher Lotspeich born July 11, 1750 in Frankenthal, Schwandorf, Bayern, Germany.  When I looked to see what Sarah Lotspeich's father's name was, I was excited to see that it was the exact same person, John Christopher Lotspeich who had the exact date and place of birth and who had daughters Elizabeth and Sarah listed.  This new information confirms that  my husband and my uncle are blood related. They share a common ancestor, John Christopher Lotspeich who is my uncle's 4g-grandfather and my husband's 6g-grandfather, which makes them 5th cousins twice removed.


  1. My name is Bob Lotspeich and I have been working on the Lotspiech family tree since FEB 1963. I have over 14500 names in my data base and many stories, diaries, etc. If you would like I will share my information on Sarah and Elizabeths families.

  2. I would love to have this information, thanks so much for sharing. My personal email address is
    Sorry it took me so long to respond.