Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Two Annie Laura's

Annie Laura Massengale Collins

Born on June 30, 1882 to William Marshall Massengale and Louisa Elizabeth Kyle Massengale. She married Floyd Amos Collins in 1902 and had one child, Willie Edna Collins. Willie Edna married John Albert Nicholson. Together they had one child, Floy Anna Nicholson. Floy Anna broke the family tradition of having one child when she married Leonard Osborne Sullivan and gave birth to seven children, one dying at birth. Her oldest child, Anna Lynn Sullivan married James Carroll Penny and had three children. I married their middle child, James Carroll Penny, II and had three children. I named my middle daughter Annie Laura after my husband's great-great grandmother, Annie Laura Massengale.  Upon her 16th birthday, Annie Laura was given a ring by her parents. This ring has been passed down from generation to generation and was recently given to my daughter Annie Laura for her 16th birthday, and so this ring has now made a full circle.

Annie Laura Penny


  1. I am the ggg grand daughter of Henry White Massengale, he had 3 son's; Henry White Massengale, Thomas Massengale, George Pierce Massengale and then his only daughter; Laura Massengale.

    Henry White Massengale (Father) and my ggg grand father was the mayor of Chattanooga TN from 1846-1848 and again in 1853.

    I don't know if we are related? Would be interesting to know.

  2. I would be very interrested to find out if there is any relation. My personal email address is please feel free to email me.

  3. I just now came across your reply post. I spoke to my father. I do believe we are related. Because Henry White Massengale is my gggg grandfather, his daughter would of been Laura Massengale that you are speaking about in your blog.
    Email me please: Love Your Purse @yahoo dot com

  4. The Annie Laura Massengale I refer to in this post was not the daughter of Henry White Massengale. Her father's name was William Marshall Massengale and her mother's name was Louise Elizabeth Kyle. Do you have any connections to William Marshall Massengale???