Monday, March 29, 2010

Madness Monday

Ursl, Earaley, Erly,Ursula, Unice, Jane........and it goes on and on. My maternal ggg-grandmother has been a source of great aggravation and pure madness for me over the past ten years.  I'm really not exactly sure what her full name really is. I believe it is Unice Jane Aarons. I only just figured out her maiden name of Aarons recently. Every census record, birth records of her children, her death record, marriage record and every other record or document I have found has her name listed as something different. There are no two alike. Her birthdate is always the same, May 1844, and her birthplace is always Louisiana. According to some census records I found, her parents are possibly Andrew and Angeline Aarons. I am still working on this line to find further proof. It has definitely been an maddening experience.

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